Suite de software de desarrollo para aplicaciones multiplataformas    Suite de software de desarrollo para aplicaciones multiplataformas
Como usted sabe, WINDEV, WEBDEV y WINDEV Mobile son entornos compatibles que comparten los elementos de un proyecto. Nunca antes había sido tan fácil construir aplicaciones multi-objetivos.
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Make a profession out of your hobby

R&D Engineer "Developer" Technical Writer Applications team
Quality Assurance Departement Technical Support English is your
native language

We are a leading software house, our product WINDEV, a Windows IDE, is distributed in over 50 countries.
To fuel our expansion, we are recruiting junior and senior engineers to contribute to all aspects of our software development cycle (from design to roll out). Our products are based on state-of-the-art technology in leading edge fields such as the Internet, networking, Web services, etc.
You will work in a technical environment that uses the C++ platform under Windows, Linux and the Internet.
Our company offers the perfect opportunity to develop your skills and learn new ones, both in terms of coding and best practices. Contact us if you have a college degree or equivalent experience and excellent command of C++ or Java.
Note that salaries are high and that the annual Profit Sharing and Participation programs have represented approximately 3 months of salary over the past few years. We offer 7 weeks of vacations per year as well. Possibility of stock options.

Contact us: Send my C.V.

R&D Engineer "Developer", C & C++ and/or Java
Come and help shape the future of PC SOFT: components, .NET, applications servers, Linux, system interoperability, Internet, XML databases,... Our engineers' objective is to keep WINDEV and WEBDEV evolving as the market leader. This requires an excellent technical level and a real capacity to innovate.
You should be keen on development. Advanced skills in design and algorithms would be a plus.
You will work on ground breaking subjects in a team of friendly and highly skilled collaborators.
A Master's degree is generally required but your intrinsic skills will prevail. Junior engineers with at least one significant internship are welcome to apply.

Development Engineer 2-5 years experience
If you have between 2 and 5 years of experience in the development of system oriented applications (designing software, databases, languages, Internet or network applications,...),
If you wish to inject your experience into globally used software packages,
If you are autonomous, can meet deadlines and can demonstrate « open mindedness»,
You could be just the right person for a really stimulating position with real responsibilities.
Come and join the PC SOFT team in Montpellier to participate in the development of tomorrow's development tools.

Technical writer
"Documentation" covers many aspects: paper manuals, electronic documentation, electronic help, multimedia presentations (video clips), improved product ergonomics, design and writing the quarterly newsletter (LST).
The key objective is to ensure that the information the user requires is easily available. Quite a challenge!
The engineers and technicians in charge of the documentation service are constantly creating and inventing!
They use the products they write about and therefore need a good background in programming. They equally participate in improving the ergonomy of products and features: there is continuous exchange between the Development team, the Quality Assurance Departement, the Technical Support team and the 'Doc' department.

Quality Assurance Department
At PC SOFT, quality is our obsession!
The Quality Assurance Departement's mission is to carry out series of 'automated' tests. These tests in turn create test programs which enable the detection of any bugs before a program is deployed.
The Quality Assurance team also participates in the improvement of software ergonomics and in meetings to define the features of the new version.
Knowledge of WINDEV or WEBDEV is not essential but development skills are required.
These positions require a minimum educational level of Master's degree.

Technical Support
Here you will work in a motivating and permanently changing environment.
The customer Tech Support handles over 100,000 questions per year. In a friendly and efficient team you will help our clients develop their applications in all areas. You will contribute to the knowledge base and participate in the creation of new products and services, you will also be able to develop internal software for the department.
This position requires excellent knowledge of WINDEV or WEBDEV.
Bachelor's degree required.

Application team
The applications team is responsible for creating components and applications provided with WINDEV and WEBDEV (current versions, future versions). Applications and modules developed operate under Windows, Internet, Intranet, Linux. The applications team participates in the definition of new product versions.
These positions require a graduate degree.

English is your native language?
You know programming, you want to write about it and live in Montpellier.
We have a job for you: technical writer!

Students: long term development placements
If you have a training internship of at least 4 months to do,
If you master C or C++, Java, ObjectiveC under Windows, Linux, Mac or you fully understand WINDEV or WEBDEV,
If you are a team player and enjoy development,if you want to work on high level projects with a high level team, ... an internship with PC SOFT could be an enriching experience.
Another advantage: PC SOFT is a software editor; you will work in the design team and not be detached to a client (PC SOFT is not a consulting firm).
Internships are paid: your student status does not mean that you cannot work on high level modules and be paid accordingly. In many cases, interns are hired by the company after their internship.

Send my C.V.