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To download these modules, you must own a registered copy of WEBDEV 24 "English" or "International" version. Otherwise, you are not authorized to download the modules below.

WEBDEV 24 Update Date
WEBDEV 24 - Update 2 (01A240077f) 16 de octubre de 2019
WEBDEV 24 - Update 1 (01A240075t) 27 de junio de 2019
WEBDEV 24 - Final version (01A240063m) 18 de abril de 2019
Free Native Connectors Update Date
MySQL 14 de marzo de 2019
PostgreSQL 14 de marzo de 2019
MariaDB 14 de marzo de 2019

How do I find out the WEBDEV 24 version number? To find out the internal version number, select '? .. About WEBDEV…'.

For example: About WEBDEV
You are using version 01A240054v