929 new features in WINDEV, WEBDEV and WINDEV Mobile 2024

026 N e w f e a t u r e W D W B WM INTEGRATE ELECTRONIC SIGNATURE FUNCTIONALITIES IN YOUR APPS AND WEBSITES The electronic signature of contracts with individuals or profes- sionals is now widespread. To comply with regulations, an electronic signature must be vali- dated by a trusted site. In Europe, this regulation is known as eIDAS. Version 2024 makes it easy to include this functionality in all your applications and websites. Benefit of this new feature in version 2024 : An increasingly common signature method 027 N e w f e a t u r e W D W B WM THE 3 TYPES OF ELECTRONIC SIGNATURES There are three types of electronic signatures: • Simple Electronic Signature (SES) • Advanced Electronic Signature (AES) • Qualified Electronic Signature (QES) To sum up, the simple signature does not have a strong verifi- cation mechanism and should be used with trusted individuals. The advanced signature sends a verification code by SMS, and the qualified signature verifies the identity of the signatory. The only electronic signature with the same legal validity as a handwritten signature is the qualified signature. Benefit of this new feature in version 2024 : One type for each case 028 N e w f e a t u r e W D W B WM STEPS OF AN ELECTRONIC SIGNATURE Here’s how the electronic signature process works: • Create the document to be signed: PDF, HTML, Docx • Send/Upload the document • Send the list of signatories: name, email address, phone, etc. • Each party receives and signs the document • The sender retrieves the signed document and can send a copy There are many possible cases: • recipient for information purposes only • authentication: none, SMS, proof of ID, etc. • number of documents • deadline Benefit of this new feature in version 2024 : Standard steps 029 N e w f e a t u r e W D W B WM INTUITIVE FUNCTIONS WLanguage functions are provided as an internal component, along with their source code. These functions allow you to: • Set the signature level • Send one or more documents to DocuSign, to n recipients (name, email address, phone, etc.), for signature or for infor- mation purposes. • Define the location of the signature in the document • Find out if a document is signed, and who hasn’t signed it • Get the signature date and time • Retrieve signed documents • Cancel the operation. All aspects of verification, emails, text messaging, ID verification and document storage are entirely managed by the service provider (DocuSign in this case). Benefit of this new feature in version 2024 : Control processes from your application 030 N e w f e a t u r e W D W B WM A WIZARD TO GENERATE THE CODE To simplify development, an intuitive wizard generates the neces- sary code. Benefit of this new feature in version 2024 : Easier implementation via an intuitive wizard ELECTRONIC SIGNATURES IN YOUR APPLICATIONS AND WEBSITES N e w f e a t u r e s i n W I ND E V 2 0 2 4 WE B D E V 2 0 2 4 W I ND E V Mo b i l e 2 0 2 4 10