928 new features of WINDEV 28, WEBDEV 28 and WINDEV Mobile 28

WINDEV MOBILE IN THE WINDEV EDITOR 477 W D W B WM REMINDER: OPEN AND HANDLE WINDEV MOBILE PROJECTS IN WINDEV To make cross-platform development easier, WINDEV can open WINDEV Mobile projects (and WEBDEV projects as well). This avoids duplicating code and objects and performing un- necessary operations. Objects are shared immediately. The same project in WINDEV can contain WINDEV, iOS and Android configurations (and even WEBDEV configurations). Note: a WINDEV Mobile (and/or WEBDEV) license is required. OTHER COMMON NEW FEATURES FOR IOS/ANDROID 478 N e w f e a t u r e W D W B WM OPEN AN APPLICATION FROM A LINK ON THE WEB OR IN AN EMAIL (DEEP LINK / UNIVERSAL LINK) In version 28, you can allow users to open an application from a link in a website or in an email. This link can contain param- eters that will be passed to the application. This method is known as Deep Link in Android, and Universal Link in iOS. If the application is not yet installed on the device, the page specified in the link opens and generally prompts the user to download the application from a store. Example of code embedded in a link: https://precilia.com/ad?ad_id=254z7846 The OPEN button on the site or email launches the app and opens the selected ad Security: the web server used must allow the application to be launched: a settings file must be present on the server. Benefit of this new feature in version 28: Open an app directly on specific content! 479 N e w f e a t u r e W D W B WM DEEP LINK, UNIVERSAL LINK: CALLBACK A callback mechanism allows you to pass parameters, or to in- dicate to the application that it has been launched via a link. Simply pass the callback to the new DeepLinkProcedure function. Benefit of this new feature in version 28: Run a process when the app is launched via a link 480 N e w f e a t u r e W D W B WM INTERACTIVE WEBDEV PAGE IN A MOBILE WINDOW In version 28, a page or a site can be inserted into a window in a WINDEV Mobile application. The app and the page exchange data using WLanguage. This new feature allows you to maximize the use of your existing elements. To learn more, go to new feature 215. Benefit of this new feature in ver- sion 28: Reuse your existing elements 481 N e w f e a t u r e W D W B WM TEXT FORMATTING VARIANTS In version 28, you can quickly see how changes in character and line spacing affect text layout. See new feature 483 on the opposite page Benefit of this new feature in version 28: One click is all it takes 482 N e w f e a t u r e W D W B WM "GLOVE-FRIENDLY" SKIN TEMPLATE A new skin template is introduced in version 28. It is intended to make a touchscreen easier to use with gloves in very cold temperatures, for example: With larger controls and buttons, the "glove-friendly" skin template allows users to easily select elements. See new feature 476. Benefit of this new feature in version 28: User-friendly interface all year round The common new features in version 28 are also available for Android and iOS projects N ew f e a t u r e s i n W I ND E V 2 8 WE BD E V 2 8 W I ND E V Mo b i l e 2 8 62