928 new features of WINDEV 28, WEBDEV 28 and WINDEV Mobile 28

778 N e w f e a t u r e W D W B WM ENTER A SITE THROUGH A SPECIFIC PAGE: WHICH PAGE TRIGGERED THE PROJECT INITIALIZATION? A project can contain SEO-ready pages. When a user accesses the site for the first time, the project ini- tialization event is executed, whether the user went through the home page or a specific page address. The new SessionRequestedPage function can be used to get the name of the page used to access the site. This allows you to adapt the initialization processes accord- ingly: do not ask the user to log in, set the position directly on a record... Benefit of this new feature in version 28: Simplified programming 779 N e w f e a t u r e W D W B WM NEW FUNCTIONS FOR SCHEDULED TASKS In version 28, the new Scheduler functions allow you to: • create • modify • add • delete scheduled tasks programmatically on the Application Server. Benefit of this new feature in version 28: More powerful programming N e w f e a t u r e W D W B WM 780 to 861 SERVER CODE: 82 NEW WLANGUAGE FUNCTIONS WLanguage is enriched with 82 new in Server code, as well as 34 new constants (see full list on windev.com) . RoundToMultiple CheckCBE BitcoinValidAddress CheckCF CheckCNPJ ComponentExecute CheckCPF DiagramSearch dModifyContrast CheckDNI DocFindElementByName dStraighten dTextMarkdown CheckEIN ExecuteFunction fChangeExtension CheckFEI fBuildRelativePath fMIMEType GenerateGeometricImage HDropView HTMLToPDF AIDetectContour AIDetectDrawing IBANValid CheckUID CheckIdNr iPrintAreaMarkdown CheckINSEE CheckIVA JSONValid KanbanAddCard KanbanSearchCard KanbanMoveCard KanbanDeleteCard KanbanDeleteAllCard KanbanEnumCard KanbanListAdd KanbanListDelete KanbanListDeleteAll KanbanCount KanbanSelect KanbanSelectPlus KanbanToImage MarkdownToDOCX MarkdownToHTML MarkdownToPDF CheckSIN CheckOASI CheckBN15 CheckBN9 CheckNIF CheckNISS OpenAPIToHTTP PageExist SchedulerAddTrigger SchedulerAddTask SchedulerTaskStatus SchedulerTaskList SchedulerModifyTrigger SchedulerModifyTask SchedulerTriggerProperties SchedulerTaskProperties SchedulerReset SchedulerDeleteTrigger SchedulerDeleteTask CapitalizeEachWord CheckBER SCPSendFile SCPGetFile SessionRequestedPage CheckSIREN CheckSIRET SocketConfigure SocketProxy CheckSSN CheckEU CheckUStIdNr UTFConvert LooperAddIP LooperInsertIP LooperModifyIP AJAX 862 N e w f e a t u r e W D W B WM SEND VALUES OF CONTROLS IN AJAX CALLS In version 28, you can easily send the values of all the controls in the page in the AJAX call. See new feature 865 on the opposite page. Benefit of this new feature in version 28: More powerful programming AWP 863 N e w f e a t u r e W D W B WM NEW EVENT: AFTER UPDATING CONTROLS In AWP mode, a new page event is available in the code edi- tor. The new "After updating controls" event allows you to make sure that the value of the controls on the server is the same as the value of these controls in the browser when the AJAX call is made. Benefit of this new feature in version 28: Reminder: The SEO-ready Session mode lets you get rid of con- text-related issues 864 N e w f e a t u r e W D W B WM MISCELLANEOUS • In AWP mode, you can use enumerations and combina- tions in the DeclareAWPContext function. Benefit of this new feature in version 28: Practicality N ew f e a t u r e s i n W I ND E V 2 8 WE BD E V 2 8 W I ND E V Mo b i l e 2 8 84